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Stoichiometry Computer Simulation

Stoichiometry Computer Simulation
Stoichiometry Computer Simulation

Dissolving ionic salts in water Demo

Several ionic salts (calcium chloride, ammonium nitrate, potassium chloride, magnesiium sulfate, lithium chloride, anhydrous sodiumacetae, anhydrous sodium carbonate) are dissolved in water in a calorimeter. A thermomters measures the intitial temperature of the water and the final temperature of the resultant soluiotn. Dissolving ionic salts in water can be used to illustrate formatiaon of Solutions, Enthalpy, Lattice Energy, etc.

Calorimetry Computer Simulation NEW html5 version

Calorimetry Computer Simulation is used to determine the heat exchanged in a variety of physical and chemical processes. NEW html5 version
Calorimeter Acid-Base Thermochemistry

Voltaic Cell: Standard Hydrogen Electrode Demo

A Standard Hydrogen Electrode is used to show the E°cell generated when a SHE is connected to a zinc or a copper half-cell.
Standard Hydrogen Electrode Cu Cell Demo


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