Redox Reactions

Standard Zinc Copper Voltaic Cell Computer Animation

Computer Animations of the oxidation and reduction process occuring in a Zinc Copper Voltaic Cell. Computer Animations of the migration of ins in a salt brdige and the movement of electrons in a wire.

Electrolysis Computer Simulation

Electrolysis metal-metal cells computer simuation
A copper-copper electrolysis cell

Standard Zinc/Copper Voltaic Cell Demo

A standard Zinc/Copper Voltaic Cell: Zn(s) in 1.0 M zinc sulfate solution, Cu(s) in a 1.0 M copper(II) sulfate solution, salt bridge and voltmeter, E°cell = +1.10 Volts.
Zinc Copper Voltaic Cell Demo

Household Fenton's Reagent

Potassium hydrogen tartrate is oxidized to produce carbon dioxide in an exothermic reaction.
Iron Ion

Fehling Test

When blue Fehling's reagent is added to glucose and fructose solution a brick-red precipitate forms - no rxn with sucrose.
Fehling Test


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