Intermolecular Force Activity

Students work in pairs in this classroom exercise to label and manipulate plastic arrows and rectangles to model intermolecular forces.  They label eight white rectangles with types of particles and seven yellow double-headed arrows with types of intermolecular forces.  They then are challenged to select and arrange the plastic tiles to correctly model given scenarios.

Curriculum Notes 

In a flipped classroom, this activity can be used by students as an in-class opportunity to evaluate and consolidate their mastery of the various models associated with intermolecular forces.

In a traditional classroom, it could serve the same functions immediately following an expository lecture on intermolecular forces.

Lead Time 
Three days of lead time is required for this project.

Up to 200 sets of:

  • seven plastic double-sided arrows
  • eight plastic rectangles
  • two fine-point dry-erase markers
  • one metal case

See downloadable instructions in the sidebar.

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