Computer Simulation or Animation

Calorimetry Heat of Solution Computer Simulation

A computer simulation designed to simulate a calorimeter experiment. Determine the heat of solution of a salt. Dissolving various substances in water, measure the mass of the salt, the intial temperature of the water, and the final temperature of the resultant solution.
Heat of Solution Computer Sim Image 54

Activity Series of Metals Computer Simulation Metals in Aqueous Solution CSS/JAVA

Select various metals to test in aqueous M2+ solutions. Build an activity series of metals based upon observations of whether or not a metal reacts with a M2+ aqueous solution. Option to view a computer animation at the particle level of the interaction of the M2+ ion with the metal electrode. Based on observations, write the the oxidation-reduction half-reactions. In this activity, students will run simulated tests of various metals in aqueous solutions to determine the relative reactivity of these metals. A total of eight metals will be observed in various combinations with the corresponding metal nitrate solutions and hydrochloric acid. Students will interpret the data collected to construct an activity series of the elements used in this simulation (AACT, 2021).
Activity Series of Metals  Zinc Metal in Aqueous Solutions


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