Precipitation of Lead(II) Iodide

When lead(II) nitrate and potaasium iodide are mixed in water, students observe the formation of a bright yellow precipitate, lead(II) iodide.
Precipitation of lead(II) iodide

Hydrolysis of Salts: pH

When soluble ioinc salts are dissoved in water the pH changes due an increase or decrease of hydronium ions, plus oher ions. Hydronium ions generated or consumed by the conjuate acid-base pairs, cause the pH to change and cuase a corresponding acid-base indicator color change.
Salt Solutions on Overhead

Ethanol Cannon

Combustion of ethanol vapor shoots a stopper out of a bottle.
Ethanol Cannon Setup

Magnesium and Hydrochloric Acid

Magnesium metal reacts with hydrochloric acid react to produce bubbles of hydrogen gas and aqueous magnesium chloride.
Mg and HCl Setup


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