Activity Series of Metals Computer Simulation NEW CSS/JAVA Version

Activity Series of Metals Computer Simulation provides students with the tools to develop their own activity series of metals. In this activity, students will run simulated tests of various metals in aqueous solutions to determine the relative reactivity of these metals. A total of eight metals will be observed in various combinations with the corresponding metal nitrate solutions and hydrochloric acid. Students will interpret the data collected to construct an activity series of the elements used in this simulation (AACT, 2021). An effective guided-inquiry student tutorial is available.
Activity Series of Metals Zinc and Aqueous Solutions

Electrolysis Computer Simulation New HTML5 Version

Electrolysis metal-metal cells computer simulation New HTML5 Version http://media.pearsoncmg.com/bc/bc_0media_chem/chem_sim/html5/Electro/Electro.php
A copper-copper electrolysis cell

Electrochemcial Cell Demonstration Voltaic Cell: Zinc/Copper E° = 1.10 V

A standard Zinc/Copper Voltaic Cell: Zn(s) in 1.0 M zinc sulfate solution, Cu(s) in a 1.0 M copper(II) sulfate solution, salt bridge and voltmeter, E°cell = +1.10 Volts.
Zinc Copper Voltaic Cell Demo


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