Gas Laws

Graham's Law of Diffusion: Helium Voice Wizard of Oz Munchkins

Instructors and the Lecture Demonstrator dress up as the Lollipop Guild people in the Wizard of Oz and sing the Lollipop Guild song with Helium gas in their voice box
Lollipop Guild Wizard of Oz Image956

Three States of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas Particulate Animation

Three States of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas re represented at the particle level (molecular scenes) by a series of Particulate Animations.
States of Matter  Solid Liquid Gas Particulate Animation

Collapsing Can: Gas Laws Atmospheric Pressure

A small amount of water is heated to boiling in a metal can (aluminum soda/pop can or large 20 L solvent can) filling it with water vapor. The can is removed from heat, sealed, and cooled. Alternatively, a vacuum is applied to an empty can, as the air in the can is evacuated, the can collapses. In both cases the can collapses quickly and dramatically. The collapsing of the can is due to the greater applied atmospheric pressure compared to the less pressure inside the can.
Collapsing Can Demonstration image261


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