Physical Properties

Amonton's Law

The apparatus consists of a fixed volume metal sphere, which contains a gas, connected to a large pressure gauge. The pressure of the sample of gas varies directly as a function of temperature.
Amonton's Law Apparatus


A small metal ball falls much more slowly through glycerine than through water.
Viscosity Setup

Properties of Two Ionic Salts (Crystals): Halite and Calcite

When a large halite crystal, NaCl(s), is struck with a hammer, it cleaves evenly, 90° straight edges. When a large calcite crystal, CaCO3(s), is struck with a hammer, it cleaves at a slant angle. A crystal of halite, sodium chloride, does not conduct, but when it is pulverized and dissolved it does conduct. A crystal of calcite, calcium carbonate, when placed in water does not dissolve.
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