Quantum Theory

Electric Pickle

A whole pickle is placed between two metal electrodes and electricity is passed through the pickle. The characteristic color of a sodium vapor lamp is emitted.
Electric Pickle Demonstration

Photoelectric Effect Computer Simulation PHET

An excellent computer simulation enabling students to visualize many aspects of the photoelectric effect experiment.
Photoelectric Effect PHET Computer Simulation Image 125

Standing Waves

Standing waves are generated in a weighted length of rubber tubing.
Standing Wave

Flame Test

Flammable solutions of metal salts are sprayed into a burner to create colorful flames.
Rb Flame Test

Photoelectric Effect

An electroscope is used to convey a basic concept of the photoelectric effect. UV light discharges a negatively charged zinc plate and the leaves of the electroscope move closer to each other.

Absorption Spectra

Dyes and neodymium glass absorb portions of the spectrum.
Red Dye Spectrum


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