Redox Reactions

Daniell Electrochemical Cell (Galvanic Cell) and the Gravity Galvanic Cell

In the original version of the Daniell cell a porous cup containing sulfuric acid and a zinc electrode is placed in a copper container filled with 1.0 M copper(II) sulfate solution.
DaniellCell image28

Electrolytic Cell: Plating Copper on Copper Demonstration

Electrolytic Cell: two copper electrodes in 1.0 M CuSO4(aq) are connected to a D.C. Power Supply. When current is applied to the electrolysis cell copper(II) ions are reduced to copper atoms at the cathode and copper atoms are oxidized to copper(II) ions at the anode. The time to plate the metal is recorded along with the current (amps).
Cu/CU Electrolysis Cell Demo image

Electrochemical Cells Computer Simulation: Voltaic Cells: Zn Cu Ag

Computer Simulation of various voltaic cells involving Zn Cu and Ag metal electrodes and aqueous solutions of zinc sulfate, copper(II) sulfate, and silver nitrate. Choices of concetration of solutions are available to investigate concentration cells. Computer animations of the oxidation and reduction half-reaction processes occuring in electrochemical cells: Voltaic Cells. Computer Animations of the migration of ions in a salt brdige and the movement of electrons in a wire.
Zn/Cu Voltaic Cell mage of a computer simulation

Electrolysis Active Learning Instructional Sequence

Electrolysis Active Learning Instructional Sequence. using a) an instructional activity sheet, b) the electrolysis computer simulation, c) electrolysis lecture demonstrations, and d) PowerPoint Notes to guide the flow of instruction.
Zn/Cu Electrolysis Cell Computer Simulation Result

Activity Series of Metals Computer Simulation

Activity Series of Metals Computer Simulation provides students with the tools to develop thier own activity series of metals. An effective guided-inquiry (POGIL-ish) student tutorial is avaialbe.
Activity Series of Metals computer simulation experiment

Electrolysis Computer Simulation New HTML5 Version

Electrolysis metal-metal cells computer simulation New HTML5 Version
A copper-copper electrolysis cell


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