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Electrochemical Cells Computer Simulation: voltaic cells Zn Cu Ag OLD FLASH-Based

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A new HTML5-based computer simulation is being developed for this computer simulation.

Voltaic Cells Concentration Cells Nernst Cell

Computer animations (NEW BLENDER-based)  of a standard cell comprising of two half-cells: zinc metal electrode in 1.0 M ZnSO​4 solution, a copper metal electrode in a 1.0 M CuSO4 solution, and a connecting salt bridge.   The electrodes are connected to a voltmeter.  E°cell = +1.10 Volts.  

Computer animations representing the half-reactions occurring at the particle level at the electrodes (anode and cathode) of a zinc/copper electrochemical cell: a Voltaic cell   beta versions  (drafts)

Zn|Zn2+   oxidation half-reaction at the zinc electrode   https://vimeo.com/220550690            

Cu2+|Cu  reduction half-reaction at the copper electrode   https://vimeo.com/220550267

animation of the migration of ions in the salt-bridge  https://vimeo.com/220548484

animation of the movement of electrons in a wire   https://vimeo.com/220550589


If you are a chemistry instructor (high school, AP Chemistry, or college) using this Flash-based computer simulation in your chemistry classroom, please consider making a voluntary donation to the University of Oregon Foundation "Chemistry Achievement Endowment Fund".  Because Flash will soon no longer be supported by browsers, we need funding to convert this simulation to a HTML5 based computer code.  There is a letter explaining the situation and a "donate" link on the home page of this "chemdemos" web site and on TG's UO web page:  https://chemistry.uoregon.edu/profile/tgreenbo/

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