Iodine Clock Kinetics Computer Simulation

Rates of reaction: Iodine Clock Reaction

This activity provides an opportunity for students to investigate the effect of concentration and temperature on the rate of a 'clock' reaction.

Iodine Clock Reaction Computer Simulation at UO


Also available at Prof. John Gelder's web site at Oklahoma State University

"iodine Clock Kinetics Computer Simulation"



If you are a chemistry instructor (high school, AP Chemistry, or college) using this Flash-based computer simulation in your chemistry classroom, please consider making a voluntary donation to the University of Oregon Foundation "Chemistry Achievement Endowment Fund".  Because Flash will soon no longer be supported by browsers, we need funding to convert this simulation to a HTML5 based computer code.  There is a letter explaining the situation and a "donate" link on the home page of this "chemdemos" web site and on TG's UO web page:

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