Small Scale Model Kits

These small scale, customizable molecular model kits are ideal for hands-on, in-class, individual or small-group activities. There are enough components for use by fairly large classes, depending on the number of components per kit and the number of students working together in each group. 

Curriculum Notes 

These model kits are useful throughout the curriculum when teaching molecular structure, stoichiometry, intermolecular forces, and VSEPR theory.

Lead Time 
Three days of lead time is required for this project.


  • "single" bonds
  • flexible bonds for multiple bonds
  • small white monovalent "hydrogen" atoms
  • small green monovalent "chlorine" atoms
  • larger green monovalent "chlorine" atoms
  • larger black tetrahedral "carbon" atoms
  • larger blue AX3E "nitrogen" atoms
  • larger red AX2E2 "oxygen" atoms
  • larger blue trigonal bipyramidal atoms
  • larger yellow octahedral atoms
  • tan "lone pairs"

Varies. Be sure to specify in the comments section of the order form what molecules or components you want in each kit and whether you want the molecules assembled or disassembled. 

Safety Precautions 

Choking hazard.

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