Three States of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas Particulate Animation

Three States of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas are represented at the particle level (molecular scenes) by a series of Particulate Animations.

Curriculum Notes 

This is a good quick dynamic visualization to show students when studying the states of matter and again when foist starting gas laws.  Students need to be reminded that gases consists of constantly moving particles (atoms or molecules) and these particles are relatively far apart.  This video is a good prelude to the Kinetic Molecular theory.

Unfortunately, the particles in this animation are inside the containers - perhaps misleading to believe the particles are large enough to be seem.  The depiction of the particles does not follow the recommendations for representing particles as agreed to be the chemistry education community.  Particulate level visualization need to be in telescoping "circles".

Careful use of this animation could be consistent with Alex Johnstone's Triangle.



Johnstone, A. H. 1991. Why is science difficult to learn? Things are seldom what they seem. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 7: 75–83.

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