Voltaic Cell: Standard Hydrogen Electrode Computer Animation

 A Standard Hydrogen Electrode (SHE) is used to show the E°cell generated in order to determine the standard reduction potentials of two half-reactions: Zn2++ 2e- -> Zn and  Cu2++ 2e- -> Cu for SHE||Cu2+|Cu and Zn|Zn2+||SHE electrochemical cells.  A H2(g) tank serves as the source of H2(g) being bubbled into the SHE in1.00 M HCl(aq) at 25°C ,1.00 atm pressure, near sea level.  

Computer animations SHE electrode:  

Zn|Zn2+||SHE electrochemical cells    oxidation half-reaction at the zinc electrode  Zn|Zn2+ half-cell  https://vimeo.com/220550690

 reduction half-reaction  at SHE  https://vimeo.com/220550539           

SHE||Cu2+|Cu  electrochemical cell    oxidation half-reaction  at SHE https://vimeo.com/220550498    reduction half-reaction at the copper electrode Cu2+| Cu half cell   https://vimeo.com/220550267

Computer Animation 
Salt bridge   https://vimeo.com/220548484   beta version  draft

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