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Conductivity of Ammonium AcetateCommon Ion EffectLiquid Nitrogen Balloon Pi Bond Model KitFrozen boardVSEPR Boxes Copper Ammonia ComplexFifty-five Gallon Drum Crush Emission Spectra Copper Ammonia ComplexThermiteLiquid Carbon Dioxide

Conductivity of Ammonium Acetate: usually presented when the structure of ionic compounds or the nature of the ionic bond is being introduced.

Liquid Nitrogen Balloon: This demo is usually used when the gas laws are being discussed, or when states of matter are being introduced.

Pi Bond Model Kit: This molecular model kit is large enough to be visible by a large lecture class.

VSEPR Boxes - A large model set is used to construct each of the 3-D VSEPR shapes

Fifty-five Gallon Drum Crush: This demo is used when the temperature dependence of vapor pressure is being discussed in a unit on the equilibrium.

Emission Spectra - samples of various elemental gases are placed in a high-voltage power supply. This demo is usually performed when the electronic structure of the atom is being discussed.

Thermite - spectacular reaction iron oxide and aluminum undergo a single replacement reaction producing great quantities of heat and a stream of molten iron and aluminum oxide. Can be used to demonstrate an exothermic, single replacement, or redox reaction.

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